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Hi, I'm Adam Richardson, a fullstack developer. I'm passionate about teaching real world coding skills to aspiring developers while I'm building stuff. I work as a Business Intelligence Manager for Whitbread and run a website design / development company.

Talking About: Web Development, AI, Data Engineering/Analytics, Impactful Stories and Writing





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This blog contains posts about things that I think may be useful, along with code snippets that I use frequently. Most of the posts are pretty technical and are relating to Next.js, React, Javascript, Typescript or data related topics such as Python, Pandas, SparkSQL and Matplotlib.

Can AI, ChatGPT/GPT4 really build applications? ~ 5 min read

In this post, I write about whether ChatGPT/GPT4 can really build applications? The intent is to discover if it can write applications for users with no coding experience.