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This blog contains posts about things that I think may be useful, along with code snippets that I use frequently. Most of the posts are pretty technical and are relating to Next.js, React, Javascript, Typescript or Data Science / Business Intelligence topics such as Python, Pandas, SparkSQL and Matplotlib.

Add Fathom analytics to a Next.js website

Code for adding Fathom to Next.js website

2022-02-24Code Snippet

Next.js Eslint configuration with vscode

Learn how to configure ESLint with vscode for usage with Next.js

2021-11-06Blog Post Next.js

Next.js Authentication with next-auth and Prisma

Learn how to setup a Next.js application with authentication using next-auth.

2021-09-26Blog Post Next.js

UseSWR prefetch, pagination and search example

Code for prefetching and statically generating a page then taking over with useSWR for pagination and search on client-side

2021-08-18Code Snippet

Next.js Data Fetching Methods Explained

All of the data fetching methods Next.js has to offer, explained. When to use different data fetching methods in Next.js.

2021-08-07Blog Post

Next.js Image Upload to Amazon S

Code drop for uploading images via a next JS API route to Amazon AWS S3

2021-03-22Code Snippet Next.js

All the MDX functionality required for a Blog with JSX components

Code drop for functionality required to create a Markdown Blog with JSX components

2021-03-22Code Snippet

Graphql Server in Next.js Route

Code drop for creating a graphql server in a Next.js Application route

2021-03-22Code Snippet

Fetching Videos and statistics from Youtube

Code drop for fetching statistics and videos from YouTube

2021-03-22Code Snippet

Fetching Youtube Channel Information and Videos using Youtube API

How to fetch YouTube channel information from the YouTube API

2021-03-22Blog Post

Next.js, Javascript and ESLint configuration

Code drop for my current ESLint, prettier configuration

2021-03-21Code Snippet

Next.js, Typescript and ESLint Starter Configuration

Follow the steps laid out in this article to have a Typescript and ESLint configured starter template

2021-03-21Blog Post Next.js

React Toast Component and Custom Hook using Tailwindcss

Toasts are basically just notifications. When you have a complex application or you need a lot of input from your users, giving them feedback on their actions is really important to their experience. Toasts are a great way to do this and here is a simple integration into a React application.

2021-03-20Blog Post React.js

Tailwind css Dark Prose classes

Code drop for a Tailwind CSS dark prose class to extend Tailwind Typography

2021-01-01Code Snippet