Adam Richardson

Fullstack Developer / Course Creator / Data Enthusiast

I'm a fullstack developer and course creator. I'm passionate about teaching real world coding skills to aspiring developers. I work as a Business Intelligence Design Lead and lead a website design / development company along with teaching coding skills to aspiring developers.

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Create a Hygraph block renderer with Next.js

In this article, I will show you how you can create your own Hygraph Block renderer to give complete control over your content, create custom blocks for use with next/image etc

2022-09-22hygraph Blog Post React.js

Add Fathom analytics to a Next.js website

Code for adding Fathom to Next.js website

2022-02-24Code Snippet

Next.js Eslint configuration with vscode

Learn how to configure ESLint with vscode for usage with Next.js

2021-11-06Blog Post Next.js

Next.js Authentication with next-auth and Prisma

Learn how to setup a Next.js application with authentication using next-auth.

2021-09-26Blog Post Next.js

UseSWR prefetch, pagination and search example

Code for prefetching and statically generating a page then taking over with useSWR for pagination and search on client-side

2021-08-18Code Snippet